Thursday, July 26, 2007


Released: June 29, 2007

Reviewed: July 26, 2007

Rated: B+

Many things are debatable in this world. Pixar’s storytelling genius is not one of those concepts. Whether the story takes place under the sea (Finding Nemo), in the backyard (A Bug’s Life) or on the racetrack (Cars), the army of animation masterminds never ceases to amaze with its cartooning cleverness. This latest picture is a delightful tale of an out-of-sorts rat named Remy that’s blessed with the cooking skills of Wolfgang… yuck! A cooking rat?! That’s the thing. Rodents and kitchens don’t really have the best of history together. But this time, instead of using Raid on the critter like most humans would, the hapless Linguini decides it’s best to team up with the saffron-loving pest and create some culinary magic at one of Paris’ most beloved restaurants. It’s a silly concept, we know, but one perfectly served with a dab of wit, a touch of heart and a couple of really strong pinches of visual majesty. Ratatouille is like Fuddrucker’s. Sure, you go because the kids love it so much, but truth be told, you’re smiling the whole time there because the food ain’t half bad. -DW

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