Friday, August 17, 2007


Released: August 17, 2007

Reviewed: August 17, 2007

Rated: C+

Though expectations were pretty lofty for this high school-aged laugher, they didn’t seem unattainable. Two likable losers, the foul-mouthed Seth (Jonah Hill) and gentlemanly Evan (Michael Cera), were to give it their hormone-charged all to have sex once before college began, or until their parents realized they’d been subscribing to porn sites with their credit cards—whichever came first. And with Knocked Up masternut Judd Apatow producing, Superbad seemed as can’t-miss as getting some action from the drunk freak at the frat party. Sadly, this one came up super limp. Evan and Seth were as witty as 18-year-old virgins could be –“Nobody’s gotten a handjob in cargoes since Nam”- but the circus surrounding them was simply exhausting. The movie’s essentially about those two (and their geeky, tag-along of a pal, Fogell) using a fake ID to get some alcohol to a hot chick’s graduation party. Yeah, there’s one MILF, two bumbling cops with way too much camera time and, maybe, three side-splitting, politically incorrect jokes, but really it’s just about getting some booze to a damn party. What a bummer. DW

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